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Attacca Quartet / Caroline Shaw, ‘First Essay (Nimrod)’ : #NowPlaying : NPR

Attacca Quartet and Caroline Shaw / Nonesuch

Have you ever ever fallen by way of a musical lure door? This piece incorporates a couple of of them, together with different compositional entanglements, in line with its composer, the Pulitzer-winning Caroline Shaw. A part of her inspiration, she says within the notes to her forthcoming album of string quartet music, is the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, the place God scattered the peoples and confused their languages.

Right here, Shaw’s musical language begins with a sprightly tune, however quickly splits off into “tumbling fragments and sudden repetitive tunnels.” Irrespective of. Whereas this eight-minute funhouse could be difficult to play for the crafty Attacca Quartet (that is the band’s second Shaw album), it is simple on the ears. As you progress by way of the maze, look out for lyrical solos, feverous cresting waves, moments of shimmering repose and maybe a nod to Beethoven. On the finish, we discover a uncooked, slippery chord that slides by way of yet one more lure door.



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